What do I need to know before undertaking work at height?

Before any work at heights is started it is most important that some key procedures are followed to ensure that all workplace requirements are identified and understood.

  • As working at heights is classified as high risk work, a safe work method statement (SWMS) and rescue plan, must be completed and approved by management prior to any work being commenced.
  • Authorisation to access the risk area must to be obtained from the person in control of the workplace and all applicable Australian Standards, WHS Act and Regulations, and Codes of Practice and Guidelines must be read, understood and obeyed.
  • Prior to the use of fall protection equipment it is essential that the persons conducting the work have been trained and are aware of the correct operating procedures. Fall arrest systems must only be used by competent persons who have experience and training in the safe use of the systems and associated equipment.
  • All systems and equipment should be visually inspected for damage and if there is any noticeable deterioration or deformation of the components or the structure the system must not be used and should be tagged ‘Do Not Use’ until corrective action by a competent person has been completed.