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Fall Arrest

Fall arrest systems stop the fall of a worker once it has already occurred. In the hierarchy of control, fall arrest is the least favourable method of protection as it does not prevent the worker from falling and can still result in an injury.

However, fall arrest systems should still be used if other means are not practicable.

With fall arrest and fall restraint systems your Duty of Care is not complete with simply the provision of systems.

If fall arrest systems are installed on your buildings, or you are considering installing them on your buildings, you must also ensure that the personnel who will be using them are fully trained in their operation.

Unfortunately, there have been many incidents where personnel have been using the right equipment for the job but are not using it correctly. Sadly, many of these events have caused serious injury or even death.

Selecting The Right Equipment

Realising that there are a variety of applications that need to be undertaken on your roof is part of the solution towards providing adequate fall arrest systems. However, the selection can be quite complex and does require qualified and experienced Height Safety Consultants in order to ensure the systems function as intended for the job.

Our video below details some considerations that need to be taken into account.



Ensuring You Meet Your Duty Of Care

User competence is key when using fall arrest equipment.

Check that the personnel are qualified and experienced and ensure that they carry out the required maintenance checks on the equipment and have completed a SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement). Any work to be carried out at height is classed as high risk work and requires this document to be filled out before commencement.

Operation manuals should be located close at hand to guide personnel through the use of the system as their operation may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Additionally, the system must be compliant. Maintenance checks should be carried before every use and regular recertification must be undertaken as per the manufacturer's recommendations to make sure that the systems are still functioning as intended.



SAYFA Fall Arrest Products & Solutions

As industry leaders in fall arrest, SAYFA offer customised fall arrest systems to worksites of all descriptions. Some of the fall arrest products on offer include safety harnesses, anchors, and rigid rails, which provide workers with maximum freedom of movement while also offering protection in the event of a fall.

Sayfa Australian Made LogoOf course, prevention is always better than cure. In addition to using fall arrest harnesses, anchors and other fall arrest equipment at your worksite, SAYFA also recommend that preventative measures should be taken. We therefore offer risk assessments and tailored fall prevention solutions, going above and beyond the minimum Australian Standards in all the work we do. For quality fall arrest systems, Melbourne-based SAYFA are the team to trust.



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