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Roof Access Systems

SAYFA use the hierarchy of controls to design smart and secure roof access solutions.

These solutions include:

Height safety equipment design is not a one size fits all. Each building and each application has to be looked at to determine the ideal system to use.



Choosing The Correct Roof Access System

With regard to roof access, normally this is done via ladders, steps and stairs but which of these systems should be used?

Ladders, steps and stairs are all covered by Australian Standard AS1657:2018.

As stated in this Standard, the selection is defined by frequency of use, incline of slope and application. For example, if providing a ladder to enable a worker to perform maintenance on roof top equipment where there is an incline of 60 to 70 degrees step ladders would be the preferred system.

Fold Down ladders are also an excellent system to use to enable access to ceilings and roof tops, especially if delegated access is required.

Read our article When Are Ladders, Steps and Stairs Required for more information.


The Road To Safety

Correct selection and installation of the above systems should be left to a professional Height Safety Consultant. They can guide you through the process and provide expert advice. They know the Standards, Codes and regulatory guidelines. Roof Access System designs can be quite complex. A qualified Height Safety Consult will help you make the right choices and ensure you maintain compliance and your Duty of Care.

A comprehensive height safety system audit will need to be conducted. This will determine the systems that are currently installed and what your access requirements. Is there roof top HVAC equipment that requires quarterly maintenance? Are there gutters that need regular cleaning?

With Workplace Manslaughter Laws now in force in Australia there is no time to delay in making sure you and your workers are protected when working at height.

Building owners and facility managers wishing to guarantee the safety of their roofs can take our 3-minute Risk Assessment Calculator to see if their workers are adequately protected. SAYFA also conduct system audits in line with Australian Standards, providing recommendations and turnkey solutions as required.

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Ensure your roof is easily accessible and safe for authorised maintenance workers by turning to SAYFA for your roof access system. Many roof access systems provided by SAYFA have lock mechanisms which can prevent unauthorised climbing, ensuring worker safety.



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