An accurate and correctly completed order enables fast and efficient delivery

Our aim is to supply your order on time, in full, every time.

Nobody wants the delays that can occur when goods are incorrectly ordered or delivered. Following the instructions below will ensure a smooth delivery process and guarantee a satisfying customer experience.

Placing your order

Written orders via email or fax are preferred or, for an even simpler ordering process, use your interactive order form supplied in your pricelist. You can also download our interactive online express order form. Products are differentiated by code and this must be stated when ordering. Any special order requirements, for example maximum package size or weight to assist with manual handling, must be stated on the order. Orders placed before 12pm will be despatched on the following day.

Delivery lead times

  • Shelf stocked items require no additional lead time.
  • Fabricated items range from 4 - 20 working days depending on complexity and design requirements. For more details on fabrication lead times CLICK HERE.
  • Items requiring external design assistance will require longer than 10 working days.
  • Lead time commences from the time of sign off by the customer, so quick return of approvals is imperative to ensure your design keeps progressing.
  • For more details delivery lead times CLICK HERE.

Order Tips

  • Account payments that are not up to date may cause delays in order processing.
  • Email or fax through the order through with clear delivery and contact details.
  • A follow up with a telephone call to the customer service rep to discuss any uncertainties or clarify your requirements is always welcome.
  • Orders are to be provided with a job name or order number especially if there is likelihood of multiple orders in the system at any one time.
  • Confirm with our sales team if there are any special requirements.
  • Drawings provided must be clearly labelled and dimensioned with detailed fabrication instructions.
  • Any changes to original designs must be signed off by yourself prior to fabrication commencing.
  • Always allow sufficient lead times for order processing.

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