Is it worth cutting costs?

In an endeavour to save money, a UK employer has ended up paying a much higher price.

Failing to provide a safe working environment had disastrous results for both a UK company and the owner of an old mill where the works were being conducted. Following the death of one of the workers employed on this project, an investigation found many safety breaches, some of which included:

  • The use of poorly trained and incompetent contractors
  • Failing to provide adequate safety measures
  • Knowingly allowing an employee to conduct unsupervised, unmonitored and unsafe work practices
  • Insufficient planning for the work at height

There was also evidence that the employer and building owner had failed to report a previous injury at the same site.

The employer was sentenced to prison for 45 weeks whilst the owner of the mill received 24 weeks imprisonment and was ordered to pay approx. AUD $40,000 towards the prosecution costs. Read the full article.

Saving costs does not equal saving lives!

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