Is this the most dangerous job in the world?

Imagine going to work every day with half a milliion volts racing around your body.



In the 1800's English scientist, Michael Faraday, discovered that when an electrical conductor becomes charged, all of the extra charge goes on the outside of the conductor.

Michael Faraday


What does this mean? Put simply, it means that the charge will not enter the inside of a room, cage or even a garment if it is made of metal; it essentially flows around it.



This explains how this worker can conduct his tasks in relative safety as long as he is wearing his specially fabricated suit and does not have any contact with the ground. The suit, which is made of 75% fire retardent material and 25% stainless steel thread, is effectively his "Faraday cage", allowing over half a million volts to pass around his body with no effect whatsoever.

He is lifted up to the lines by the skilled pilot in a helicopter, where the he carries out his work "like a bird on a wire". Every safety precaution is undertaken and the worker in this video describes his work to be "as safe as crossing the street".

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