It won’t happen to me

In 1993 Jason Anker was only 24 years old when he fell off a ladder at a worksite.

This devastating accident left him paralysed and for 22 years he was unable to speak openly about it, struggling to come to terms with his disability and battling depression and addiction throughout his journey. He has now put his life back on track and spends his time travelling the world speaking at length to workers about safety and why it matters. 



His story is extremely powerful. It will make you stop and think about what you are doing when you take that risk or overlook the dangers when working at heights. We encourage you to view this video and take the memory of it to work every day to ensure that you and your workers don't end up in the same situation as Jason and his family.


"When safety becomes so personal that's the difference. When you climb up that ladder you're not just think about doing the job. You're thinking about your son or your wife."


Visit Jason's website to read more about this inspirational man and how he is endeavouring to educate and inform workers like you.

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