National Safe Work Month – October 2015

Safe Work Australia's National Safe Work Month - highlighting and encouraging safety and wellness in the workplace.



At Sayfa, we organised a lot of new activities and initiatives, some of which we had been meaning to do for a while but unfortunately had not actioned due to demanding workloads. We thought National Safe Work Month was the time to get things happening. We know how hard our team works and our focus was on encouraging a happier and safer workplace. We believe that this was achieved and the feedback we have received from everyone at Sayfa was extremely pleasing. 

National Safe Work


We will continue to run quite a few of these initiatives on an ongoing basis and plan to organise more in an endeavour to keep our team positive and motivated. A happy and healthy team is a productive team which can only benefit everyone, including all of you who deal with us.


National Safe Work


We'd love you to view our video to see what we did over October 2015 in recognition of National Safe Work Month and Worksafe's Health and Safety Week.




Did you do anything special for National Safe Work Month? Drop us a line and tell us what you did.