National Safe Work Month – October 2018

A moment's thought could save a life

It's nearly October and that means National Safe Work Month.

What is National Safe Work Month?

Run by Safe Work Australia, NSWM is a month long initiative that encourages businesses to become actively involved in promoting health and safety throughout their workplace.

The theme this October is "A moment is all it takes". Unfortunately, this rings so true for many workplace incidents and accidents.

"If only I'd taken a moment to look out for that truck, those wires ... or my colleague." 

A moment of planning, a moment to check your equipment, a moment to your go through procedures can all prove invaluable and make a difference towards bringing every worker home safely.

What can you do here and now as a business/building owner or manager?

Here's a few suggestions that might help get the ball rolling towards a safer October.

1. Implement new health and safety procedures

Do you have some processes that you are still working on that haven't quite made it to the safety manual? No more excuses. Put some time and effort in and get them up and running. Involve your workers and ask for their ideas. There is no-one better to ask for input than the person who is doing the job. If you have several to do, try to work on one a week so that you don't get overwhelmed. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day but it was built so it will happen - it just needs perseverence.

2. Review your workplace practices

You may already have good systems in place but how long is it since they were reviewed? Workplace safety is ever changing and evolving. Procedures, methods and strategies need to be constantly reviewed, revised and adjusted to suit environmental and equipment changes.

3. Educate

Just as systems and procedures need to be revised and updated, so too do your training initiatives. Do you have new employees? Is ongoing training being carried out for young and inexperienced workers? Persons new to the working environment require high levels of supervision and training to ensure that they are familiar with all of the controls needed to work safely. What about your existing employees? Are they being catered for with refresher courses? Just because someone has been doing the same job for a long time doesn't mean that they can't learn new efficiencies or better practices.

3. Communicate

Are you open to communication? It is most important that your workers feel comfortable enough to speak up if they see something unsafe or potentially dangerous or hazardous. Are regular toolbox meetings being conducted and are they a place where feedback is welcomed?

4. Compliance

Have you checked that all your existing employees have up to date industry accreditations?  Qualifications for courses such as First Aid and Working at Height etc. can easily be forgotten or overlooked and if lapsed may mean workers are not up to date with the latest requirements.

Why not review your Working at Heights Practices by taking a 3 minute Height Safety Risk Calculator to assess your risk.

Check out the Safe Work Australia website for more information on National Safe Work Month. You'll find an abundance of helpful information, videos and documents to assist you.

One moment can make a world of difference.

Proudly supporting National Safe Work Month.

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