Not all anchors are created equal

The advantages of 3SIXTY Top Mount Anchors - what separates them from the rest?

There are many anchors on the market, some good and some not so good, but how do you tell the difference and ensure that the ones you are choosing to install will result in compliant systems and most importantly be able to safely arrest a fall?

3Sixty fall arrest anchor

The 3SIXTY AP130 Top Mount Fall Arrest Anchor is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance
with AS/NZS 1891.4 and AS/NZS 5532.

Compliance Is Key

The highest priority and the best way to guarantee peace of mind is compliance.

The design, manufacture and installation of all fall arrest anchors comes under various Australian Standards such as AS/NZS 1891 and AS/NZS 5532 and it is most important that the anchors you choose have been produced and tested in accordance to their specific Standard/s. In some cases, anchors may be required to meet several of these Standards before they can be classed as compliant.

3SIXTY Fall Arrest Anchors comply with AS/NZS 1891 and the stringent testing requirements of AS/NZS 5532. This testing is the key factor to determine the difference between anchor performance or failure .... life or death! This should be your deciding factor when selecting a fall arrest anchor.

But how do you know if the anchors you are choosing meet these Standards?

Reputable manufacturers will be able to supply certifications and provide test reports confirming their compliance to relevant Australian Standards. Don't be fooled; if they can't supply documentation then you should seriously consider whether using their anchors is the best option.

Download a copy of the 3SIXTY Certification and Warranty here.


Proudly Australian Made

Every 3SIXTY Fall Arrest Anchor has another important quality - Australian designed and made.

Australian made by Sayfa

Unfortunately many anchors on the market are produced overseas using inferior materials, production and quality control methods.

Strength, durability and reliability are integral to ensure the safety of operators. There is no second chance when it comes to height safety and price should not be your primary reason for selecting an anchor - quality should be.


3SIXTY To The Rescue

Did you know that in the event of a fall, 3SIXTY Anchors can also be used to perform a rescue*?

In the situation of a fall from height happening, the most critical thing is a fast rescue. By using a 3SIXTY Anchor a rescue can take place immediately without the need for timely set up of additional equipment.

3Sixty Anchors can perform personnel rescue if required

Adding more to the importance of the need for speed of rescue, is the possibility of Suspension Trauma. This condition can present when the human body is held in an upright position without any movement for a period of time in a harness, and can occur in as little as 5 minutes, so immediate rescue is imperative to ensure that the health of the operator is not impacted.

Having a 3SIXTY Anchor installed can ensure a quick response and may be the difference between a good outcome or a tragedy.

And don't forget the cost saving aspect of having a unique anchor that can also be used in this situation.

*Please note that although the 3SIXTY Anchor can be used for rescue purposes it is not suitable for rope access / abseil applications. For more information on correct anchor selection, see our article "Understanding anchor selection and why it matters".


3SIXTY's Unique Swivel Anti Roll-Out Eyelet

Providing the ability to manoeurve around a roof top is vital to enable an operator to efficiently and effectively carry out their tasks. The 3SIXTY Anchor allows just that. The patented design gives the operator a real sense of freedom while giving them the confidence to perform their duties, secure in the knowledge that their safety has been taken care of.

In some circumstances during operation it is possible for the snaphook to "roll out" out of the connection leaving the operator disconnected.

3SIXTY Fall Arrest Anchors come with an anti roll-out eyelet which has been tested to ensure there is no danger of disconnection and that the operator is always completely safe.

The 3Sixty top mount anchor is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4 andAs/NZS 5532


Batch Testing & Coding

Periodic batch testing is conducted in production to ensure that every 3SIXTY Anchor has met the rigorous requirements of Australian Standards.

Coupled with our individual batch coding, our quality control measures ensure all 3SIXTY Anchors that come off the production line are of the highest standard and have full traceability.


Inspection Labels

An important part of compliance is recording when an anchor was installed, inspected and recertified.

All 3SIXTY Fall Arrest Anchors come with inspection labels which can be completed upon installation and at every inspection and recertification. This is essential for maintaining systems and ensuring that they meet the requirements of all industry standards.

For more information about 3SIXTY Fall Arrest Anchors view our product overview.

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