Painting the George Washington Bridge

It's the busiest bridge in the world but that doesn't mean height safety should be compromised

The George Washington Bridge, comprises 14 lanes of traffic, has a width of over 36 metres (119 feet), a length of just under 1.5 kilometres (4,760 feet) and a tower height above water of 184 metres (604 feet). 

From the period of January to May 2015 alone the bridge carried an astounding 45 million vehicles.



Work atop this lofty structure is not for the faint-hearted. Safety is utmost, from the two safety harnesses that are standard practice to the securing all of the tools of the trade ... a drop of anything onto the roadway below could be deadly. The workers who carry out the painting of the bridge have a proud record of safety; they have never had any person die as a result of a fall.

Join us on a bird's eye view when ABC Reporter, Bob Woodruff, takes a walk among the spans.

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