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Product Updates

We have made significant changes to the assembly of the KATT LD429M making easier to install




  • Incorporation of the KOMBI T-Bolt system means that modifications can be made on-site without drilling.
  • We will also be supplying these platforms with fixings to suit both concrete or purlin wall installs.
  • The lighter weight components will ensure loads are kept within safe lifting limits to ensure the well-being of you and your workers.


Why KOMBI? Find out more about the unique no weld KOMBI Stair and Platform system by visiting the KOMBI website.


UPDATED: 11.05.2021


This is an update to our walkway installation criteria

As we know, there are a few roof deck systems out now which have a 700mm cover.

Our PACE600 aluminium walkway system has always shown a maximum span of 670mm. However, what has not been made clear, is that for a continuous span (fixed to more than 3 battens) the span can be increased to 700mm.

So, when installing walkway on a roof deck with 700mm cover, the span can increase to 700mm.

walkway can now span up to 700mm

Find below links to some updated drawings (more to follow soon).

Should you require any further information, contact the SAYFA technical team at or call us on 1300 301 755.

UPDATED: 03.12.2020


SD943 Replaces SD945

We have now replaced our existing battery operated riveter, SD945, with a newer model – Code SD943.

  • Setting force of 15,000N
  • Brush-less motor to ensure less wear and tear
  • Optional auto reverse function
  • Increased strike to 25mm for the purpose of setting long rivets
  • Faster speed settings for increased efficiency
  • Ergonomic design

Spektra SD943 Bulb Type Battery Riveter

Please note that we will still be offering the SD945 for hire purposes ONLY – code SV1003.

Refer to our sales team on 1300 301 755 or for daily/weekly hire prices.

UPDATED: 25.05.2020


BACK TO TOPThis safety alert relates to the SL227 PILOT Traveller issued within the period from June 2018 to August 2019.

PLEASE READ this important notice.

SL227 Small

UPDATED: 24.02.2020


Now Coded

RAPTOR roof mount davits are now coded as OH10 and priced to assist with easier quoting.

These systems will still be manufactured to suit specific order requirements.

Supply lead times:  10 – 15 working days.


Raptor roof facade davits by Sayfa Group

Raptor roof facade davits by Sayfa Group


UPDATED: 28.11.2019


We have recently altered the design of the GW323 PACE600 Walkway Batten as follows:

  • Increased width of base flange allows easier installation
  • Screw alignment groove ensures easy positioning of drill bit.
  • Available in 600mm and 700mm lengths.

GW323 Pace600 by Sayfa Group

GW323 PACE600 Walkway Batten by Sayfa Group
UPDATED: 28.11.2019


In certain applications top fix anchors can be fixed using rivets only and not screw fixed to a purlin.

  • Clip fix roofs require additional fixings through the roof sheets to ensure no roof sheet delamination.
  • Location of the anchor on the roof sheet is very important to ensure correct performance in a fall arrest situation. This is the responsibility of your install teams. NOTE: Any additional rivets required will need to be provided by the install team.

Fixing methods for top fix anchors

UPDATED: 02.11.2019


Due to concerns with wind load and possible installation challenges on some types of roofs, the size of A-Frame Signboard SD966A (Danger – Keep off brittle and fragile roof) has been changed in our design and specifications to A4 landscape 300 x 225mm.

Refer to our signboard product page for more information.

SD966A Signboard by Sayfa

UPDATED: 20.11.2019


We have now added a new signboard to our personalised signboard range.

Code SD973E is available for your customised messages. Sizing on this A-Frame signboard is 300 x 225 mm landscape. For more information visit the product listing – SD973E.

SD973E Small Signboard by Sayfa

Administration, as in controlling the environment using signage, demarcation line marking and operational instructions, forms part of the Hierarchy of Control when ensuring height safety on your buildings.

UPDATED: 05.05.2020


Effective early 2020 we will no longer be stocking ON-TRAK GW10 or GW12 Grey Fibre Walkway.

This is due to an industry trend preferring GW8 Aluminium Walkway over the ON-TRAK walkway. Yellow ON-TRAK Walkway will continued to be stocked.

Please refer to our Guardrail and Walkway product page for alternative solutions.

UPDATED: 20.11.2019


AP201 & AP202

With the increasing use of architectural standing seam roof decks, we have two new adaptor brackets for all types of fall arrest and static line plates.

Roof decks such as Kalzip® and Kingzip® require an adaptor plate set per plate which will need to be included as additional accessories to our system pricing when quoting these type of roof decks.

AP201 – Short plate anchors and intermediates

AP202 – Long plate end stanchions and corners

New clamp for surface mount anchors and static lines by Sayfa Group

UPDATED: 20.11.2019


We have recently updated our Returned Goods Procedure.

For more information click the link to our FAQs section where full details are given: What is the procedure for returning goods?

UPDATED: 14.02.2019



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