Roof access hatches are simple to operate and provide safe & easy access for personnel and equipment from inside the building.

  • SKYDORE access hatches are suited to high frequency use in industrial and commercial applications. Manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and structural grade aluminium, the SKYDORE access hatch remains lightweight and easy to use.
  • SKYDORE access hatches include the hinged access door design suited to metal deck roofs. The sliding access door system is suitable for lower pitched roofs or in windy environments.
    Skydore hatches incorporate a single handed internal locking lever for increased safety of the operator.
  • SKYDORE access hatches are designed with maximum opening sizes to facilitate workers with tools and equipment to exit safely. Sayfa recommend that all access hatches are provided with guardrail fall protection and exit grabrails for easier use.
  • SKYDORE access hatches incorporate a unique soft close mechanism which ensure easy of operation.
  • Provides external access from inside building to rooftop for inspection and maintenance purposes.
  • Sliding hatches are recommended where larger openings are required for maintenance equipment and components.
  • Windy locations are better suited to sliding hatches as the hatch lid is less likely to be caught by the wind.