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XPLORA Concrete Mount Anchor
  • Removable eyelet
  • Chemical fix insert
  • 15kN rated
  • 0.5kg

The AP127 XPLORA Concrete Mount Anchor is suitable for fall arrest or rope access . The AP127 XPLORA Concrete Mount Anchor is easily installed using standard components and the eyelet is removable if required.

XPLORA AP127 Concrete Mount Anchor is designed and manufactured in accordance with requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 and relevant statutory OHS Codes of Practice/Guidelines.

  • Chemical adhesive not included.
  • Suitable for fall arrest / twin rope access use.
  • AP127.20 not included.
  • Must be load tested as per AS/NZS Standards.
  • Eyelet – stainless steel (316)
  • Concrete insert – stainless steel (316)
  • Eyebolt – M14 / 25mm
  • Eyelet ID – 35mm
  • Concrete insert – drilled hole diameter / 28mm
  • Concrete insert – drilled hole depth / 105mm
  • Minimum concrete thickness – 150mm
  • Minimum concrete edge distance – 200mm
  • Minimum anchor spacing – 200mm
  • Minimum concrete strength – 25MPa
  • 0.5kg (includes eyebolt and insert)
Working Load Limit
  • Recommended for single person use – 15kN rated
  • Rope access use – 12kN
  • Fall arrest use- 15kN
  • Concrete structure integrity, suitability and anchor location to be assessed and determined by a competent person prior to installation
  • Anchor is to be used in a shear load direction only (pulled at an angle not exceeding 20o to the installed surface)
  • No tensile loading for fall arrest or rope access recommended as per requirements of Standard AS/NZS 1891.4:2009
  • XPLORA AP127.10 Concrete Mount Anchor must be used in conjunction with an approved harness and lanyard system incorporating an energy absorber where required

XPLORA AP127.10 Concrete Mount Anchor is designed and manufactured generally in accordance with requirements of Standards AS/NZS 1891.4:2009, AS/NZS 4488.2:1997 and AS/NZS 5532:2013.

Product Warranty

10 years from date of purchase subject to correct installation, use and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Inspection and Maintenance

This device requires periodic inspection and maintenance by a qualified safety inspector. See load testing note below.

Important Note

Minimum thickness of concrete – 150mm. Thickness less than 150mm requires compliance by having structure certified and the anchor proof load tested as per AS/NZS 1891.4:2009.

Device is for personnel use only.