XPLORA Top Mount Swivel Rope Access Anchor

  • Fall arrest 15kN rated / Rope access 12kN
  • Includes fixings
  • 3.2kg
  • Suitable for fall arrest/ twin rope access use
  • For more information watch our anchor videos.
  • Fall arrest – 15kN
  • Rope access – 12kN
  • Base plate – profiled stainless steel
  • Swivel eye – profiled stainless steel
  • Total height (including swivel) – 75mm
  • Overall size – 265mm x 552mm
  • 2.8kg (excludes fixings)
  • Metal deck / timber fixing – 14g / 75mm type 17 tek scres (x 3) 8mm structural rivets (9)
  • Metal deck / metal fixing – 14g / 75mm self drilling tek screws (x 3) 8mm structural rivets (9)
Substructure Requirements
  • Roof structure and deck in good condition
  • Minimum 0.42mm roof deck tichness
  • Minimum purlin size 150 x 1.9mm
  • Minimum timber batten 70 x 35mm F7
  • Minimum of 5 purlins/battens connected to metal deck
  • Maximum angle of rope line over parapet – 20°

XPLORA AP141 anchors are designed and manufactured in accordance with requirements of Standards AS/NZS 4488.2:1997, AS/NZS 5532:2013, AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 and relevant statutory OHS Codes of Practice/Guidelines.

Product Warranty

3 years from date of purchase subject to correct installation, use and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Inspection and Maintenance

This device requires periodic inspection and maintenance by a qualified safety inspector.

Important Note

The AP141 XPLORA anchor must be installed in pairs for rope access. It is recommended to place the anchors on separate purlins. Layout is critical for optimum use and must be done by a rope access technician.