Design Action

Include in the design safety access and egress to the roof, the reference is for access via a staircase or ladder systems.

The hierarchy of controls must be used to arrive at the design solution.


Guidance on minimum requirements

Roof access will be assessed by the designer in consultation with the maintainers of the property to determine the preferred access to the roof. Use the following hierarchy of controls for the order of preference on access to the roof:

Hierarchy of design control:

Where access is frequent, such as weekly, consider using stairs. Where access is infrequent, such as annually, a ladder may be suitable.

  1. Angled stairways with landings; or
  2. Angled step type ladders between 60 to 70 degrees with landings; or
  3. Angled 75 degrees rung type ladders fitted with landings and fall arrest system vertical lifeline; or
  4. Rung type ladder from 75 to 90 degrees must be fitted with vertical fall arrest lifeline; or
  5. Rung type caged ladder is the least preferred option for ladders over 6m. Vertical lifelines on ladders are preferred instead of cages for ladders over 6m.

Ladders must have locked devices to prevent unauthorised climbing.