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PACE 600 Aluminium Walkway
  • 6000 x 600 x 13mm
  • 25.0kg
  • Max batten spacing 670mm for 13mm walkway.

Where the angle of slope of the walkway is between 10° and 20° the surface shall have cleats evening spaced, see GW340.

  • 10° – 15° – 450 mm cleat spacing
  • 15° – 18° – 400 mm cleat spacing
  • 18°+ – 350mm cleat spacing
  • Walkway – mill finish, expanded aluminium grating
  • Roof battens – mill finish profiled aluminium


  • Panel size – 6000mm (L) x 600mm (W)
  • Panel thickness – 13mm
  • Walkway spacer batten – 700mm (L) x 30mm (H)


  • 5kg / per linear metre (6.4kg per m²)


  • Walkway to batten – 35mm SD class 3 tek screw
  • Batten to roofdeck – 5mm construction grade Bulbtite rivet

Note: Max. batten increments – 670mm


Roof Pitch Installation
  • To be levelled across a slope when greater than 7°.
  • Can be installed up a slope to max 20°.

Where the angle of slope of the walkway is between 10˚ and 20˚, the surface shall have cleats evenly spaced.

  • 10˚ – 15˚ – 450mm cleat spacing
  • 15˚ – 18˚ – 400mm cleat spacing
  • 18˚ + – 350mm cleat spacing


Working Load Limit
  • Span 500mm – Max load capacity: 4.8kPa / Max deflection: 2.5mm
  • Span 670mm – Max load capacity: 5kPa / Max deflection: 3.2mm
  • Span 700mm -Max load capacity: 8kPa / Max deflection: 3.5mm

Note: All deflection and/or load data is based on standard 1.3mm x 600mm walkway panel.


Pace 600 Walkway System is designed to comply with Australian Standard AS1657-2018 and relevant statutory OHS Codes of Practice / Guidelines.


Product Warranty

10 years from date of purchase subject to correct installation, use and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.


Inspection and Maintenance

Visual inspection for any damage or loose fixings must be done periodically and prior to use. No certified maintenance is required. Basic wear and tear preventative maintenance is recommended, as per manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.


Important Note

Failure to supply and/or install proprietary product in accordance with above specifacations and installation / usage guidelines voids complete system certification and/or warranty.