ARRESTA Retrofit Vertical Line Bracket

  • For existing ladders
  • Fixings included
  • 15kN Rated
  • Ladder and structure will need to be assessed by an engineer to determine loads are achievable to meet fall arrest rating.
  • ARRESTA shuttle – stainless steel (316)
  • Energy absorber lanyard – polyester webbing
  • Vertical line cable – stainless steel (316)
  • Cable end terminations – stainless steel (316)
  • ARRESTA Shuttle – 100mm (l) x 44mm (w) to suit 8mm cable
  • Vertical line cable – 8mm (7 x 7 strand)
  • 0.9kg (ARRESTA shuttle including energy absorber)
Working Load Limit
  • For single person use – 15Kn RATED (6Kn when used in conjunction with an energy absorbing lanyard device.
  • Ladder integrity, attachment method to support structure and structure integrity to be assessed and determined by a competent person prior to installation.
  • ARRESTA Vertical Line Fall Arrest System must be used in conjunction with an approved harness system incorporating an energy absorber.

ARRESTA Vertical Line Fall Arrest System is designed and manufactured in accordance with requirements of Standards AS/NZS 1891.3:1997, AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 and relevant statutory OHS Codes of Practice/Guidelines.


Testing and performance based on requirements of Standard AS/NZS 1891.3:1997.

  • Dynamic load tested – 12Kn
  • Resultant load on structure – 5.85kN
Product Warranty

10 years from date of purchase subject to correct installation, use and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and certification required every 12 months by competent height safety system inspector in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and requirements of Standard AS/NZS 1891.4.2009.

Important Note

Failure to supply and/or install proprietary product in accordance with above standards and codes, specifications and instructions voids complete system certification and/or warranty.