KATT modular rung ladder systems provide access to rooftops, ceiling spaces and other elevated areas requiring access for maintenance.

  • The KATT modular rung ladder system is a proprietary designed access solution manufactured from structural grade aluminium. Delivered as a flat pack, modular system the ladder can be configured on site to suit exact requirements.
  • As a result of a simple installation process, the Katt modular rung ladder system is economical and requires minimum floor footprint once installed.
  • Rung ladders are safest when installed at 75° and incorporate an enclosed cage for ladders above 3.5 metres.
  • All KATT modular rung ladder systems are available in Revit. Download the REVIT FILES.
  • Access from ground to roof or ceiling space
  • Access between varying roof levels
  • Access to plant decks and machinery platforms
  • Access from roof to canopies