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RAPTOR Davit Arm, 1400mm (L) x 2200mm (H)

  • Reach – 1400mm
  • Height – 2200mm
  • Safe Working Load – 400kg
  • Operation Angle – 360 degrees with 40 degree locking pin increments
  • Weight – 50kg

RAPTOR Davit Arms are designed as a cantilevered anchorage device over balustrades, parapets and curtain walls for rope access work where workers are required to maintain building facades and equipment mounted on the external face of a structure. RAPTOR davit systems are an engineered single person device, designed to withstand a 12kN rope access load or safe working load of 400kg.

  • Davit base fixing requires SD937.180, M16 threaded stud kit
  • Minimum 120mm embedment using epoxy adhesive.
  • Minimum slab thickness 200mm.
  • Davit base not included.
  • Arm & mast – manufactured from high grade structural aluminium
  • Brackets, endcaps, supports – powder coated stainless steel
  • Base – G350 Grade Steel, galvanised finish
  • 12kN Single Person Use + Rescue
  • 400kg safe working load

OH510.1600: Reach – 1000mm / Height – 1600mm / Overall Height – 1800mm / Weight – 41kg

OH510.2200: Reach – 1000mm / Height – 2200mm / Overall Height – 2400mm / Weight – 48kg

OH514.1600: Reach – 1400mm / Height – 1600mm / Overall Height – 1800mm / Weight – 43kg

OH514.2200: Reach – 1400mm / Height – 2200mm / Overall Height – 2400mm / Weight – 50kg

  • Minimum concrete thickness – 200mm*
  • Concrete strength – minimum 32 mPa
  • Concrete may need to be verified by engineer regarding reaction loads
  • Minimum 250mm edge distance
  • Stainless steel or HDG M16 allthread x 180mm
  • 18mm hole, Min 120mm embedment into concrete*
  • Recommended epoxy (chemset) adhesive – Hilti HIT RE-500
  • 300mm x 300mm u-bolt cage
  • Minimum concrete thickness – 200mm*
  • Minimum 150mm embedment(Refer installation manual)

*Concrete specifications depend on davit type.


The RAPTOR davit arm system is designed to conform with requirements of the Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 5532:2013 AS/NZS/ISO22846, AS/NZS1891 and relevant codes of practices and guidelines.


Testing and performance of the RAPTOR davit arm system is based on requirements of Australian Standards AS/ NZS 5532:2013.


10 years from date of purchase subject to correct installation. Use and maintenance of the RAPTOR davit arm system to be in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. (This excludes wearing parts.)


Inspection and certification required every 12 months by Height Safety Equipment Inspector in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and requirements of Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891. and AS/NZS 5532. Pull testing of the davit arm fixings is required (unless clearly marked as ‘cast-in’).


Failure to supply and/or install proprietary product in accordance with above standards and codes, specifications and instructions voids complete system certification and/or warranty.