Use the KOMBI STAIR CALCULATOR to provide quick and accurate measurements.

KOMBI Platform with Single Stair

  • Used for access to mechanical plant and equipment for maintenance.
  • Platform size and height is adjustable to suit specific site requirements.
  • Platform maximum height to top of deck – 3.8m to 4.0m depending on stair angle.
  • Stair can be adjusted to suit final platform height and can be positioned at any point on the platform.
  • Stair angle set at 40° as standard. Other angles can be accommodated.
  • Stair tread width available at 610mm, 915mm or 1220mm
  • Platform is free standing or can be cantilevered off a suitable structure.
  • All KOMBI modules are delivered in kit form and required to be assembled on site.
  • Standard modules delivery lead time – 3 working days.
  • Custom modules delivery lead time – 7 working days.
  • Modules requiring bespoke engineering – 10 working days after engineering and customer drawing sign off.
  • Stair treads require very accurate rise and run positioning. Any adjustments made on site must comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 1657:2018.
  • Any platform where the underside is accessible must incorporate decking with hole size no greater than 15mm to ensure larger objects are not able to fall through. KOMBI aluminium platform complies with this requirement.
  • Platform support structure and bracing layout is extremely important and must be configured as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

Use the KOMBI STAIR CALCULATOR to provide quick and accurate measurements.

  • Manufactured from high grade structural aluminium
  • KOMBI fixing brackets, joining plates and support feet manufactured from profiled stainless steel plate powder coated burnt orange
  • KOMBI T-Bolt manufactured from stainless steel
  • KOMBI 80 extrusion:  80 x 38mm
  • KOMBI 180 extrusion:  180 x 32mm
  • Platform support extrusion:  58 x 38mm
  • Stair tread:  250 x 40mm
  • Handrail post extrusion:  58 x 38mm
  • Aluminium expanded mesh:  600 x 13mm
  • KOMBI T-Bolt:  M10 x 35
  • Tek screw:  12g stainless steel
  • KOMBI 80 extrusion:  2.6kg/m
  • KOMBI 180 extrusion:  4.0kg/m
  • KOMBI platform deck (aluminium mesh only – 600mm wide):  4.2kg/m2
  • KOMBI stair tread:  3.9kg/m
  • KOMBI platforms are designed to AS1657:2018 (platform working load limit 2.5kPa)
  • KOMBI stairs are designed to AS1657:2018 (stair working load limit 2.5kPa)

KOMBI modular access systems are designed to comply with requirements of Australian Standards AS1657:2018 and relevant statutory OHS codes of practice and guidelines.


Testing and performance based on requirements of Australian Standard AS1657:2018 and AS/NZS1170 under live load conditions.


10 years from date of purchase subject to correct configurations and installation. Use and maintenance to be in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.


Inspection required every 12 months by competent person in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and requirements of Standard AS1657:2018.


Failure to supply and/or install proprietary product in accordance with above Standard and codes, specifications and instructions voids complete system certification and/or warranty.