Suitable for multiple users, Rigid Rail Systems spread the operating loads, allowing connection to lighter structures. They also lessen the fall distance, thereby reducing injury to operators should a fall occur.

  • The RAPTOR Rigid Rail is a proprietary system which is designed for total freedom of operator movement. With a maximum fall distance allowance of 600mm this ensures minimum impact and injury to the operator.
  • The RAPTOR Rigid Rail System is designed to support multiple users simultaneously. RAPTOR can span up to 6 metres providing increased efficiency and cost effectiveness as minimal support structure is required.
  • The structural design of the Rigid Rail System allows larger spanning capability and requires less supporting structure ensuring cost effectiveness and simple installation.
  • Fall protection for train and aeroplane maintenance whilst working at height.
  • Truck loading and cargo inspection operator safety.
  • Cabin and portable building fall protection when constructed in a controlled indoor environment.
  • Rope access to building facades, window maintenance and cleaning.
  • Access to lighting and ceiling mounted equipment for inspection and maintenance.
  • Access to advertising signage and billboards for display change over.