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SAYFA Revit User Guide
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SAYFA’s Autodesk Revit collections are created to a consistently high standard and offer native geometry with Australian Code Compliant defaults. Available to bulk download, we also have our instructional Revit product videos to guide you through the process.

Virtual Showroom

A Revit project file (.RVT) with families / types laid out for efficient browsing and preformatted for QA of content 2D / 3D views and family data.

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SAYFA Revit Virtual Showroom

PLEASE NOTE: Individual virtual showrooms coming soon!

SAYFA Revit Complete Virtual Showroom
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Revit Files

Collection files are zip folders containing product category Revit objects.

AP100 Anchors – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
SL200 Static Lines – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
OH250 Rigid Rails – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
OH400 Rope Access Needles – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
OH500 Rope Access Davits – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
GW300 Guardrails and Walkways – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
SP300 Skylight Protectors – All Revit Files Revit (Zip Folder)
RL400 Rung Ladders including Ladder Supports – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
LD460 Fold Down Ladders – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
LD490 Roof Access Hatches – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
ST500 Step Ladders & Bridges – All Revit Files (Zip Folder)
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Revit Files

AP100 Anchor Point Revit Instruction Video
SL200 TRAVEL8 Static Line System Revit Instruction Video
OH250 / OH400 Rigid Rail & Needle Revit Instruction Video
OH500 Davit Revit Instruction Video
GW300 Guardrail & Walkway Revit Instruction Video
SP300 PROTEX Skylight Protector Revit Instruction Video
LD460 Fold Down Ladder Revit Instruction Video
LD490 Roof Access Hatch Revit Instruction Video
ST500 ALTO Step, Step Ladder & Step Bridge Revit Instruction Video
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