SAYFA’s Most Innovative and Safest Anchor

We put our 3SIXTY anchor to the ultimate test. Now you KNOW you can have total peace of mind!

Have you considered that fall arrest roof anchors are life saving devices? Have you considered that one day you may have to rely on them?

3SIXTY is a personal fall arrest device and we have evidence that these systems have saved lives. That's real! And when you're working at height you need to know that your equipment can be depended upon because nothing can replace a lost life. 3SIXTY, our engineered masterpiece, provides that peace of mind.

When it comes to fall arrest roof anchors there are many to choose from.

We thought it was time to prove once and for all that our 3SIXTY fall arrest anchor is designed to be SAYFA's most innovative and safest anchor.




But how would we do this?

We know the engineering and design that has gone into 3SIXTY. We were also extremely confident of its abilities but, like they always say, a picture tells a thousand words. How could we show YOU how strong it is?

A SAYFA "all in" challenge began, drawing from our extensive experience, expertise and ingenuity, but before we could start, we needed to determine what we would lift and how we could do it.


You want to lift what?

We needed something that would show without doubt the strength, quality and reliability of 3SIXTY anchors. Ideas ran thick and fast but finally, we settled on a car lift.

Georgie, in admin support, kindly offered up her car and so the Skoda Fabia became our test dummy. In her words, "If it doesn't work, well I guess I'm due for an upgrade!"

3Sixty fall arrest anchor


The support structure

The technical team decided the most effective way to fabricate the support base for the car would be to use KOMBI modular stairs and platforms. Out of KOMBI's lightweight modular parts we would be able to quickly build a robust support structure.

With the product selection made, our design team generated extensive drawings and calculations to ensure we would be able to, literally, get this idea off the ground.

An interesting fact is that all this weight (1560kgs) was only going to be supported by components secured with KOMBI T-Bolts and friction. There were to be no bolts going through the structure.

The support base platform was fabricated and assembled, with minor adjustments made using KOMBI's T-Bolt technology. We were ready!

3Sixty roof top anchor


And up she goes!

Amidst much excitement we set aside a special day* early this year where, unbeknownst to many of the team, history was about to be made.

A crane was organised, final tweaks made to the support structure and the car was driven onto the platform then crane lifted.

The total weight to be supported by the 3SIXTY fall arrest roof anchor was a whopping 1,560kg. To keep this in perspective 15kN or 1,530kgs is the testing requirement as per AS/NZS 5532 for fall arrest anchors. This is HUGE!

The whole team cheered. The 3SIXTY didn't let us down! It was amazing to see it in action.

3Sixty fall arrest roof anchor


What makes 3SIXTY so special?

Apart from its strength, other features that make 3SIXTY a benchmark product are:

  • Compliant to AS/NZS 1891 and AS/NZS 5532
  • Proudly Australian made
  • Unlike many fall arrest anchors, 3SIXTY is also able to perform a rescue, following a fall arrest load
  • Unique anti roll-out swivel eyelet ensures freedom of movement and confidence
  • Batch Testing & Coding for full traceability
  • Oh, and did we mention ... it can lift a car?


For more information on 3SIXTY's unique qualities read: Not all anchors are created equal.

3SIXTY - Giving you total peace of mind

When choosing your next fall arrest anchors, ask yourself one question: Are the anchors you select able to provide you with this type of confidence?

For more information on KOMBI aluminium stair and platform systems visit the KOMBI website.

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*All filming was done prior to COVID-19.