Selecting fall arrest harness equipment

What you must know when selecting and using fall arrest equipment

Whilst an effective preventative against injury from falls from height, a fall arrest system such as a safety harness does require a lot of factors to be taken into consideration.

  • What is the length of the lanyard?
  • Where is the location of the anchor point?
  • Have you calculated the length of the user’s legs and body in the fall distance?
  • Does the lanyard incorporate a section that lengthens when it is deployed and if so, what is this measurement?
  • Have the anchor points that the system will be attached to been recently tested and certified to be able to handle the load associated with a fall?

According to the hierarchy of control, other alternatives such as guardrailswalkways and static lines are the more preferred option but depending on the particular situation and application they may not always be practicable or possible.

In this short video we give details of what must be taken into account when choosing to install and use fall arrest equipment.


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