Ted’s Story – A wake up call for us all

Sometimes providing a high level of training, education and support is not enough. At the end of the day, the responsibility for your safety relies on one thing and one thing only - YOU.



Ted Newton was well and truly aware of how important safety at his workplace was. His employer, Unitywater, have maintained an excellent standard of workplace safety which has resulted in a dramatic reduction of injury rates in recent years.The problem was not insufficient training, lack of awareness or inadequate equipment, it was simply that Ted did not take safety seriously.

He openly admits "My emphasis was getting the job done, and I often used to think safety got in the way. I now realise that was the wrong view."

Ted's injuries did not happen on the job - they occurred at his home and could have been avoided if he had followed simple procedures, procedures that he had been instructed in at his workplace. His accident highlighted to him how many times a similar incident could have taken place at work due to this careless attitude.

Employers can offer the best information, support and assistance but unfortunately some workers just want to "get on with the job", often at the expense of their own safety.

In this video, Ted stresses the importance of conducting a Risk Assessment on any activities you are doing and how that one simple process can assist immensely in doing tasks safely. And that goes for jobs that are not just at work.

Planning is also imperative. Do you have all the necessary gear and equipment on hand and are you allowing yourself enough time so that you are not rushing through the job and bypassing any important steps?

Ted learnt the hard way the value of working safely. Make it your priority to use the resources you have available. Ultimately you are responsible for your own safety.

CLICK HERE to download Worksafe Victoria's Job Safety Analysis Worksheet.

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