Height Safety Health Check

Take the ‘Height Safety Health Check’ today to help you understand THE REALITY of what your obligations are and your possible exposure. After completing this test you will be issued with a detailed report identifying your areas of risk.

Buildings & Systems

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1.How many buildings does your company own & manage? *
2.On the MAJORITY of your buildings how many times a year would the roof need to be accessed? *
3.Considering the business activities that occur in the MAJORITY of your buildings are height safety systems used/required internally to keep workers safe when working at heights? *
4.Does your company have any solar panels installed (or plans to install) and do you know if height safety has been considered? *
5.Do you know if some/all of your buildings have a Height Safety System installed on the roof? *
6.How certain are you that the systems installed are properly laid out and compliant? *

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