Two important Australian Standard and Industry Code updates you need to know

Compliance, compliance, compliance


Image of Sayfa 3Sixty fall arrest anchor

The 3SIXTY AP130 Top Mount Fall Arrest Anchor is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance
with AS/NZS 5532 and
AS/NZS 1891.4.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 5532

The industry has been holding its breath in anticipation for a revision to this Standard, and the ensuing impact that it would have when and if any changes were made.

Well, the wait is over and we would like to advise that the review process for the AS/NZS 5532 has lapsed, asserting that this Standard is, once again, current and operative.

WAHA (Working At Heights Association), in conjunction with Worksafe, will be issuing a document shortly to confirm that the review process has lapsed and that this Standard is now officially back in force.

How will this affect your height safety equipment?

Australian Standard AS/NZS5532 covers the manufacture and testing requirements of fall arrest anchors. While this Standard has been in review status, there has been a tendency within certain sectors to relax their necessity to comply.

This announcement should initiate a much needed change of mindset.

Manufacturers, designers and building owners/managers will once more be accountable to ensure that the roof anchors that they are manufacturing, specifying, installing and using meet all the criteria as set out in the AS/NZS5532.


WAHA Industry Code for Australian Standard AS1657

WAHA has been working for many months to produce a clear and detailed Industry Code for AS1657 to further define the selection, design and testing of platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. The key benefits of this new Industry Code will be to:

  • Ensure industry compliance with an agreed set of objectives that benefit workers, employers and consumers.
  • Connect the legislation for working at height together ie. WHS Act, WHS Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.
  • Provide advice to building designers, installers, building owners and operators on which type of system to use in specific situations.
  • Outline maintenance categories and to ensure correct system design.


Sayfa's Technical Manager, Murray Voss, is looking forward to the introduction of this new Industry Code.

"This is a welcome addition to the height safety industry. For years there has been a lot of confusion and many grey areas that, until now, have not had one single piece of documentation that we as an industry can refer to.

Clarification of the way systems should be designed and installed is certainly a way to decrease incorrect and non compliant installations, which ultimately results in saving lives. "


Sayfa's Commitment

Flashback in time to 2013:  The AS/NZS5532 was introduced, setting out strict testing requirements for manufacturers of fall arrest anchors further to the requirements of the AS/NZS1891.4.

Following these stringent measures being published, Sayfa took up the challenge to re-test all of our range of anchors.

Our aim; ensure every one of our anchors exceeded the new rigorous testing requirements of AS/NZS5532.

It was during the process of conducting this testing, that one of our most popular anchors failed to pass the grade. We immediately took this anchor off the market and removed it from our production line.

There should never be any compromise when it comes to safety.


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