Can a static line be used for overhead applications?

Yes it can, however it’s not recommended for use with self retracting lanyards as it can limit the manoeuvrability. We therefore recommend RAPTOR rigid rail for this application. View our educational video below for more information on the benefits of choosing a RAPTOR rigid rail system for overhead.   To view the RAPTOR range visit […]

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GW323 PACE600 Walkway Batten Design Change

We have recently altered the design of the GW323 PACE600 Walkway Batten as follows: Increased width of base flange allows easier installation Screw alignment groove ensures easy positioning of drill bit. Available in 600mm and 700mm lengths. UPDATED: 28.11.2019 BACK TO TOP

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Updated Returned Goods Procedure

We have recently updated our Returned Goods Procedure. For more information click the link to our FAQs section where full details are given: What is the procedure for returning goods? UPDATED: 14.02.2019 BACK TO TOP

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