Western Australian mining company has to dig deep

As a result of pleading guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court, Mt Gibson Mining will have to dig deep into its financial pockets after it was fined A$30,000 for failing to provide a safe work environment.

Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum state mining engineer, Andrew Chaplyn stated

"The work required risk assessment, working at heights permits, fall arrest equipment and supervision, but none of this was carried out by the company."

The magistrate did take into account the remedial actions taken by the company and an early guilty plea when imposing the fine. The fine, which was issued on 27th July 2015, highlights the fact that many companies are still not offering their workers a satisfactory standard of height safety controls. 

In some respects this company was fortunate - the consequences of failing to provide adequate working at heights procedures, equipment and training could have been much worse.




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