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Amazing footage showing the ascent up the world's tallest radio tower

Watch as this climber navigates with ease the narrow handrails, foot rails and ledges, most often without any form of attachment to the 518 metre (1,700 foot) structure.



Of interest in this video is that it states that according to the OSHA (United States) it is perfectly legal to free climb this kind of structure.

However, since this video was posted numerous officials from a variety of sectors have disputed this claim and state “climbers are to maintain 100% attachment at all times”.

Weighing into the argument was reference to the OSHA Regulations, Section 1910.269(g)(2)(v) which states: “Fall protection equipment is not required to be used by a qualified employee climbing or changing location on poles, towers, or similar structures, unless conditions, such as, but not limited to, ice, high winds, the design of the structure (for example, no provision for holding on with hands), or the presence of contaminants on the structure, could cause the employee to lose his or her grip or footing.”

Legal, illegal or just plain crazy? You be the judge. Let us know what do you think?