If you are responsible for the design of a building, it is a requirement that your designs ensure the safety of those who will conduct work on or around the structure

Serious consequences are in place if you are found negligent in providing this Duty of Care and penalties can range from $600,000 or 5 years imprisonment up to $3,000,000 if you are found guilty of failing to comply.*

SAYFA can help meet your obligation for ongoing compliance and eliminate your residual liability.

Often the design of roof access and height safety systems is left to the last minute which can prove onerous and cause undue stress.

Learning all the legislative requirements can be time consuming but it is extremely important to ensure that the fall protection systems that are being specified and installing meet Standards and Codes.

If you are involved in the design of buildings you have an obligation under Section 22 of the WHS Act 2011 to ensure "so far as is reasonably practicable, that the plant or structure is designed to be without risks to the health and safety of persons."

Held in the comfort of your premises, SAYFA's interactive presentations are specifically designed to answer your questions.

  • How to meet compliance in design
  • Correct product selection and location
  • Standards & Regulation information pertinent to the height safety industry

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*WHS Act 2011, Part 2, Division 5.