Working at heights – truck safety

A safety alert from WorkCover NSW

You are an experienced worker, but are you carrying out your work at the highest degree of safety possible?


This video from WorkCover NSW discusses the case of an experienced worker who fell from his truck whilst performing his duties. In it, the video gives vital information with regards to preventing falls occurring from trucks and trailers. This little known danger has been the cause of many workplace injuries and deaths in the past. A fall from as little as 2 metres can have devastating effects and work at this height still requires stringent safeguards.

Worksafe Victoria have produced Prevention of Fall - Trucks, a document which can assist in determining what you can do to offer effective control measures to ensure all your workers are protected.

The use of temporary work platforms, guardrails, overhead rigid rails and fall arrest systems are all different types of fall protection that can be implemented and the decision on which system to use should be determined depending on the individual workplace situation.

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