Continuous attachment to the static line fall arrest system provides a high level of safety on roofs when accessing gutters & roof edges for maintenance.

  • TRAVEL8 Static lines provide continuous attachment for users working in a fall hazard zone whilst undertaking building maintenance.
  • TRAVEL8 Static Lines are suitable for up to 4 users simultaneously depending on the line configuration, ensuring efficient and cost effective solutions.
  • TRAVEL8 unique roof deck mount technology provides simple retrofit installation to varying roof deck profiles eliminating costly structure upgrades.
  • The proprietary advanced energy absorbing technology reduces impact load on the user whilst connected to standard roof deck structure.
  • The PILOT Horizontal Traveller¬†allows the rope lanyard to transfer over the static line support intermediates without having to disconnect, ensuring easy and maximum safety.
  • Pitched roof access for general maintenance (up to 30 degrees)
  • Narrow roof areas
  • Gutter edges that require frequent access for cleaning
  • Access to roof mounted plant and equipment
  • Brittle roof surfaces fall protection – skylights, glass, slate etc.